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What is Android?

The Android experience is all about being able to personalise your mobile to be as unique as you are.

Meet Android

Android is the name of Google's operating system for the newest generation of smartphones. These mobiles are built by a range of manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, and LG. With Android, you get great choice in the shape, size and price of your smartphone.

An internet superstar

With big, beautiful touch screens, application multi-tasking, and 3G connectivity, Android phones provide an an awesome mobile Internet experience, allowing you browse the web as you would on a desktop PC, including all Flash elements.

Make it personal

Android devices are so easily personalised - create multiple home-screen themes and arrange apps, widgets, photos or websites into groups, then slide between them with ease.

Stay in touch

All Android phones integrate seamlessly with social networks like Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to keep track of all your friends from one place. View updates directly from your home screen!

Android Market

Add functionality as you need it. Access and download over 70,000 apps and games from the Android Market, directly from your mobile. Better yet – many apps are free!


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